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  • Water Framework Directive
    Bisphenol A, estrogens and 21 other chemicals are proposed as priority substances
    to be monitored in surface water under the Water Framework Directive
  • new_diagnostics yeast based assays
    Explore the depth
    Detect effects mediated by endocrine disruptors and hormones at low ng/L concentrations
  • new_diagnostics yeast based assays
    Illuminating Endocrine Effects
    Discover our latest Arxula test kits with superior characteristics for effect-based measurement
  • new_diagnostics yeast based assays
    Environmental water quality
    Assessing the quality status of environmental water ecosystems
  • Endocrine Effects Screening Program
    JANUARY 2023, The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) requires that EPA screens
    chemicals for their potential to cause endocrine disruption and to protect human health.
  • new_diagnostics yeast based assays
    Identify suspicious substances in personal care products
  • OECD Conceptual Framework
    OECD Conceptual Framework presents Testing and Assessment of Endocrine Disruptors and
    proposes standardized test methods to evaluate chemicals for endocrine disruption.
  • new_diagnostics yeast based assays
    Migration and Leaching
    Find out what migrates from plastics and coatings

Bioanalytical solutions for food, environment & medical applications


new_diagnostics is a leader in providing solutions for detection and analyses of endocrine disruptors, hormones and trace substances.

Our test-kits are extensively and intensively tested for quality and stability. They are comprehensively validated and confirm to international norms and guidelines.

Why spend days on getting screening results? With our rapid measurement assays, what you gain in speed, you will not lose in sensitivity.

Get measurement results with superior sensitivity with our test-kits, albeit they are ready to use in non-sterile conditions.

Wastewater samples? No problem! Throw the toughest samples you have with high matrix loading, without compromising your measurement results.

Our Support

Through our line of services & solutions, we empower both public and private organizations to implement, measure and achieve their objectives of assessing hormonal effects caused by Endocrine Disruptors.

New Diagnostics

Sophisticated bioassays - standardized effect-based assays using yeast biosensors for the detection and determination of hormonal effects. 

Customize your assay - use the capability of our yeast biosensors with various detection modes (visual, photometric, fluorometric, luminescent). 

Comprehensive assessment & analytical services - from screening to quantification by using state-of-the-art statistics and software.


Check out our range of products.

  • A-YGS

    Arxula - Yeast Glucocorticoid Screen

    The Versatile –  Common test for the detection of glucocorticoid effects based on Arxula adeninivorans for various aqueous samples

  • A-YPSlumi

    Arxula - Yeast Progesterone Screen

    The Trendsetter - Sensitive and fast test for the detection of progestogenic effects based on Arxula adeninivorans


  • A-YMS

    Arxula - Yeast Mineralcorticoid Screen

    The Versatile –  Common test for the detection of mineralcorticoid effects based on Arxula adeninivorans for various aqueous samples


Using the potential of yeast based biosensors

Detecting endocrine disruptors, micropollutans and trace substances to protect our environment